The Amazing Race: Twin models Alex and Jack walk off after something personal ‘surfaces’

In a twist that nobody saw coming, twin brothers Alex and Jack Newell have pulled out of The Amazing Race Australia.During Tuesday night’s episode, the brothers explained they had decided to step away from the show after something personal “surfaced”.
Host Beau Ryan said the news came as a shock after they were on “cloud nine” the day before when they came second place in the challenge.
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However overnight, Alex “came crashing down”, with something deeply personal hitting home.
“Before this had to begin, obviously we had to quarantine for 14/15 days. During that time, something surfaced for Alex that he had to deal with and the race environment isn’t the right environment for him to deal with that,” said Jack. “So we’ve made the right decision to step out of The Amazing Race Australia.”
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Alex added: “I think a lot of stuff from my past came up, and Jack and I have been through similar things and he has sought out help and I was always too proud to seek out help, and now I will seek out help because I realise how important it is. I think mental health is incredibly important. Probably more than physical.”
Alex and Jack are from New South Wales. They were described as siblings who bicker endlessly, but Jack described Alex as his “favourite human”.
The Amazing Race Australia continues 7.30pm tomorrow on 10.