A rescue operation has been launched after an emergency beacon was set off.

A search is under way to find a light aircraft with one person on board missing in central Otago.
It was understood the male pilot was on a flight between Bannockburn and Gore at the time an emergency beacon was activated, a spokesman for the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) said.
The search and rescue operation started after the RCCNZ received an emergency beacon alert about 5.30pm.
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A Police LandSAR team, using four-wheel-drives and motorcycles, are on the way to the source of the beacon an area between the Old Man Range and the Garvie Range, between Alexandra and Kingston.
They are expected to arrive in the area at about 10.30pm.
Earlier a helicopter crew spent a number of hours searching for the plane.
They confirmed the location of the beacon to within three to four kilometres, before being forced to return to base in Queenstown, due to weather conditions.
Civil Aviation Authority and the man’s family had been notified.
No further information about the status of the pilot or the aircraft is known at this stage, though rescuers are making every effort to reach him as quickly as possible, subject to the terrain and conditions. the spokesman said.