England’s third lockdown is to be retrospectively voted on by MPs, on the day it came into force.

growing number of South Korean gym owners have reopened in protest against
strict social distancing rules.
weeks, indoor gyms in the capital area have been forced to close under the
restrictions. However, the government allowed Taekwondo and ballet schools to
open under certain limits, saying they serve as childcare providers to a certain extent.
This is just unfair, says Chung Tae-young,
who has re-opened his fitness centre in Seoul this week in defiance of
coronavirus restrictions.
Chung is not opening the gym to its members, but he came to work and lit up the
store sign to stand in solidarity with other gym owners.
argues that a lack of financial support from the government is another issue.
South Korean government plans to provide a chunk of its emergency handouts to
small business owners this month. Gym owners will receive up to 3 million won
($2,759; £2,024), the highest amount available, because their facilities have
been suspended under the social distancing rules.
he says that this money is simply not enough.
gym is one of the most expensive businesses to run. The rent is high because we
need a large space and the rental fees for equipment add up fast. My gym has
bled around 10 million won ($9,198; £6,746) every month just for the rent and
utilities. Im grateful for the extra money, but it cant make up for the loss.”