Kris Commons has aimed a vicious swipe at the ‘stupidity’ of Rangers fans over their celebrations this weekend – and blasted Steven Gerrard and his…

Kris Commons has aimed a vicious swipe at the ‘stupidity’ of Rangers fans over their celebrations this weekend – and blasted Steven Gerrard and his players for encouraging them.
The former Celtic midfielder watched Gers supporters in their thousands descend upon Ibrox both on Saturday after their 3-0 win over St Mirren and then yesterday when they were officially declared champions after Celtic drew 0-0 at Dundee Utd.
Fans broke Covid safety protocols as they congregated with flares and smoke bombs to celebrate their first title win in 10 years. But Commons was livid with the people who broke social distancing rules and put each other in danger amid the pandemic. And he criticised the fans and club staff for their ‘selfish’ antics.
Watch live Rangers webcam in George Square as supporters celebrate title win
In his Daily Mail column, Commons said: “Given the scenes outside Ibrox and at George Square over the weekend, I would be amazed if we don’t see an increase in Covid infection rates in the Glasgow area over the next week or so.
“This comes at a time when the numbers have finally started to drop. When we’ve finally begun to see a little chink of light after a winter of such gloom. A winter which has seen lockdown restrictions imposed on us for a much longer period of time than originally intended and which has seen families continuing to be devastated by this god-awful virus.
“For anyone who has suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one during this pandemic, what must they make of football fans flouting lockdown rules so brazenly?
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“What must NHS staff and key workers think of it all? These people who have worked tirelessly under the most awful circumstances over the past year to help save lives and keep us all safe.
“The stupidity of these Rangers supporters over the weekend beggars belief. It has been a display of selfishness on the most unimaginable scale. Spare me this nonsense about how it’s ‘understandable’. The only thing to ‘understand’ is their blatant disregard for the rest of civilised society.
“I couldn’t care less whether it’s their first league title in ten years or 110 years – it makes no difference. There’s simply no excuse for these kind of scenes during a global health pandemic. It’s a slap in the face to the NHS, to everyone who has suffered a bereavement because of the virus, and to everyone who tries to do the right thing by respecting the stay-at-home message.”
Rangers’ players celebrated through a window on Saturday afternoon with fans who had appeared at the stadium, then, after their game, danced up towards fans to celebrate with them at the Ibrox gates. And Commons hit out at the Rangers stars and their manager for ‘spurring them on’.
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“I don’t think the Rangers players or their manager Steven Gerrard particularly helped the situation on Saturday. They certainly didn’t cover themselves in glory,” he added. “Some of the players went towards a corner of the stadium and, although separated by metal gates, were singing and dancing with supporters.
“Pictures then emerged of Gerrard and some of the players hanging out of the dressing-room window, spurring the supporters on even more. All it achieved was to escalate the situation further and to encourage these people, most of whom seemed to have taken leave of their senses.
“Gerrard can preach all he wants about public safety and how we all must stick to the rules. But his words will inevitably feel hollow and insincere after all of this.”