Mike Tyson struggled to contain himself as Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis promised to fight each other next while on his podcast this week.
The iconic heavyweight legend hosted rising star Garcia on Hotboxin’ following his win over Luke Campbell to start the year.
Tyson and Garcia spoke to Gervonta on FaceTime
Garcia climbed off the canvas to KO the Brit, establishing himself as a major star at lightweight with the triumph.
In the immediate aftermath, he reiterated his callout of Gervonta and followed this up further on Tyson’s podcast.
However, he was then passed a phone with Davis himself on the line.
Garcia did not back down and began shouting his ‘two rounds’ KO prediction to his future foe over FaceTime.
Tom Hogan – Hogan Photos/Golden Boy
Garcia showed true toughness and grit to overcome Campbell
Davis said: Mike, he got dropped by a guy that cant even hit.
Garcia, mocking Davis 5ft 5 1/2in height, replied: Go ahead and hit me with that shot. Look at him you gonna need a StairMaster, boy!
Davis responded: Mike, Mike! If I wouldve hit him, you know I wouldve killed him after that.
After Tyson challenged the super-featherweight champion to share the ring with Garcia, Davis said: We fighting next, we fighting next.
Davis had plenty to say for himself
At this point everybody in the room got excited.
Garcia starting dancing with happiness and ‘Iron Mike’ got up to join in.
It is still unclear whether the fight will actually come to fruition in the near future, but boxing fans will be hoping it is the first of a beautiful new era in lightweight bouts.