A detailed PS5 APU breakdown has been posted on social media, revealing some key parts are actually missing from the console’s innards.

A detailed breakdown shot of the PS5 APU has been posted by Twitter user Fritzchens Fritz, revealing a some key features about the console’s meaty innards.
The PS5 APU breakdown reveals that some Zen 2 FPU parts are actually missing from the console, with another user noting thatthere is no Unified Cache for the CPU or Infinity Cache for the GPU. This probably won’t mean much unless you’re big on your tech, but already folk are commenting that the PS5 isn’t as powerful as people initially assumed.
A first quick and dirty die-shot of the PS5 APU (better SWIR image will follow). It looks like some Zen 2 FPU parts are missing. pic.twitter.com/PefXCxc3G1
— Fritzchens Fritz (@FritzchensFritz) February 14, 2021
The PS5 was released in the US on November 12, 2020 and in the UK on November 19. The console has already shipped 4.5 million units worldwide, putting it off to a solid start in the next-generation format war against Xbox Series X/S.
Despite this, the console is still suffering from stock shortages, something which isn’t help by scalpers who are able to circumvent online queues to acquire orders ahead of regular customers.
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[Source – Twitter]