If you’ve removed Microsoft’s new Edge browser, you might need to reinstall it

Windows 10s latest cumulative update is seemingly failing to install for some users, producing an error which is reportedly caused at least in some cases by a conflict related to Microsofts Edge browser.
The installation procedure for update KB5003173, which is the monthly patch for May delivered to October 2020 Update and May 2020 Update versions of Windows 10, is failing with an 0x800f0922 error, after rebooting and informing users that there are problems completing the update, then rolling back the installation. This is the case according to a number of reports on Reddit as flagged by Windows Latest.
Whats going on here? Seemingly this issue is related to having uninstalled Microsofts revamped Chromium-based version of Edge. As those posters on Reddit, and a reader who got in touch with Windows Latest, all point out, reinstalling the new Edge browser apparently cures the bug and allows KB5003173 to successfully install for those who were getting the error.
Windows Latest further observes that the installation might be failing when it picks up an empty Edge folder, if this has been left on the drive after uninstalling Edge (in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge, assuming C: is your system drive). A quicker workaround may therefore be to simply delete this empty folder and reboot your PC, then try installing patch KB5003173 again.
If that doesnt work, you can then go ahead and reinstall the new (Chromium) version of Microsoft Edge, although obviously thats not an ideal solution for those who got rid of the browser because they dont want it cluttering up their drive (or possibly for other reasons).
Another user on one of the above Reddit threads describes having problems with some games becoming really laggy including Assassins Creed and that this happened right after the update was applied. Indeed, this is a known issue as described in the patch notes, where a small number of gamers are reporting “lower than expected performance in games”.
However, this gaming gremlin which has been hanging around for a while was resolved by Microsoft with a server-side fix, so hopefully the highlighted incident isnt indicative of this bug rearing its head once again. (We obviously cant put too much stock in one isolated report on Reddit at this point).
In case youre wondering what the point of it is, KB5003173 patches a number of potential vulnerabilities, and these include security fixes for Windows and Bluetooth drivers. Obviously enough, those who find themselves unable to install the patch will remain unprotected to whatever those flaws present in Windows 10 might be.