Prime Minister Narendra Modi today held a virtual meet with state Chief Ministers in the wake of a worrying spike in the number of coronavirus cases in several states. The Prime Minister, in his address to the Chief Ministers, stressed that it was important t…

  • Decisive steps needed to control “second spike”: “If we don’t stop this pandemic right now, then there could be a nationwide outbreak. We have to immediately stop the emerging second peak and take big and decisive steps,” PM Modi told the Chief Ministers. “The self-confidence that we gained in our corona fight should not turn into overconfidence. Our success should not be the reason for carelessness,” he warned.
  • Covid must not reach remote areas: PM Modi said that Coronavirus spread has been limited to cities and it must be ensured that the virus shouldn’t reach remote areas. “COVID-19 has spread mainly in metro cities, tier-1 and tier-II cities, but we must prevent it from reaching remote areas. If it does, our system may not have sufficient capability yet to handle the pandemic on that large a scale,” the Prime Minister said.
  • Focus on states seeing surge: “Some areas are seeing more of a surge than others. We must focus on this issue. All states must focus on it,” the Prime Minister said. “We – the state and central government – must ensure that we give relief to the citizens,” he added.
  • Invest in medical technology: The Prime Minister stressed upon the need to invest in medical infrastructure and technology.”Time has come to increase our focus in areas that are lacking to tackle the resurgence of COVID-19. We must keep working to better our medical infrastructure and invest actively in things like ambulance networks, beds, etc, so that we can prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19,” PM Modi said.
  • Avoid statements that may create panic: The Prime Minister said that dissemination of any information that may lead to panic among people must be avoided. “We must also ensure that we do not create panic among the citizens. We must not make statements which may cause panic,” he told the Chief Ministers.