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It made me immediately think of the game Populous: The Beginning.
I fucking loved that game. I still play it every few years again. Whip it out on my PC and get it running somehow. It’s such a fun game. Plus you can go absolutely bonkers with it if you want, put in all the cheat codes so you have unlimited spells, and just destroy the enemy camps with dozens of volcanoes that suddenly appear and erupt right in the middle of their town
I wonder if there’s any god games like that these days. The RTS genre is making a comeback but not the god game genre, it seems.
Although if Theme Hospital counts as a god game, then there’s a recent new game called Two-Point Hospital which is amazing, it’s absolutely 100% a spiritual sequel to Theme Hospital, it’s got all the same kind of humour, but there’s just way way more of everything.
And Peter Molyneux made that spiritual sequel to Populous called Godus, but it got bad reviews.