South Auckland residents recall what happened when the tornado hit: "Suddenly the weather got way worse and things started flying everywhere."

People have been warned to stay out of an area of south Auckland after the tornado wreaked havoc, damaging properties and bringing down trees.
An emergency alert was sent to phones in the area, urging people to keep away from Cavendish Drive and Shirley Road in Papatoetoe, where high winds had destroyed roofs, smashed business premises, and left debris scattered across roads and gardens.
A man with a go-bag looks at his damaged house in Hayward Rd, Papatoetoe.
And tragedy struck in nearby Wiri, where a person died and two others were injured at Ports of Auckland’s South Auckland Freight Hub, when the tornado dislodged multiple shipping containers.
Some residents of Papatoetoe have been left facing a massive job to clean-up and repair their properties.
When the storm hit, a Fire and Emergency New Zealand spokeswoman said multiple firefighters and more than 20 crews were attending about one hundred calls relating to property damage.
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Other agencies responding included police, St John, Vector, and Auckland Council.
A fire service spokeswoman advised members of the public to keep away from any power lines that have fallen and to take care around broken glass.
A suspected tornado in south Auckland has brought down trees and caused damage to property.
Auckland Emergency Management duty controller Parul Sood pleaded for people to stay out of the affected areas, and said they are looking at what welfare support is needed by the people affected by the tornado.
Sood said the key message is for people to stay away from downed power lines and broken glass and check on neighbours, family and friends.
A man works to repair a roof damaged by Saturdays tornado.
She said those in the area should have received an emergency mobile alert and further updates can be found on social media.
Meanwhile, the people who live and work in Papatoetoe are surveying the damage and beginning the clean-up.
GP Nalini Kohlhagen said she was in shock when arriving to work at Cavendish Doctors, on Cavendish Dr in Papatoetoe, on Saturday morning.
Atkinson Ave resident Lusa Crouch saw his truck had been dragged 10 metres.
It was carnage, she said, with wreckage everywhere.
The doctors’ clinic window had been completely shattered and some of the roofing had come off.
Strong winds have caused extensive damage at Cavendish Doctors in Papatoetoe, south Auckland.
Were worried about our medication in the fridges, our flu vaccines.
The MRI machine, which costs millions, may also be water damaged she said.
The storm has now moved south from Auckland but has left a trail of destruction in its wake.
The tornado also destroyed the roof of father-of-one Ryan Lein’s family home on Omana Road, leaving him fearing for the safety of his wife and child.
I was sat in my front room and suddenly the weather got way worse and things started flying everywhere.
A Mobil petrol station worker in Papatoetoe captured the severe weather on Saturday.
Lein said he could hear loud cracks and bangs coming from the roof, before tiles started falling into his home, leaving tiles in the kitchen and bedroom.
We were lucky that our 6-month-year-old baby woke earlier than normal this morning, as giant shards of glass and tiles fell into the cot.
The tornado caused damage to Ryan Lien’s property on Omana Road.
Now our roof is leaking and the forecast is rain tonight, so we are scrambling to try to protect our home from flooding with tubs and plastic coverings.
Glasgow Ave resident Darryl Wright said he heard the noise first, the rumble, before seeing debris flying through the air.
I just yelled at everybody to get down.
An Atkinson Ave resident surveys the damage outside her window.
It was over quick, in 15 seconds, he said. There was debris everywhere, but the neighbourhood has come together quick, according to Wright.
Roofers from down the road are already on top of Wrights house working to repair broken tiles and a fallen down chimney.
Glass panes were damaged at VistaLite in south Auckland after a tornado ripped through on Saturday morning.
Nearby, workers at VistaLite Windows and Doors, Wiri, could be seen attempting to clean up the extensive damage to glass panes caused by the extreme weather.
Met Service meteorologist Andrew James said a low pressure system brought a thunderstorm to south Auckland shortly before 9am.
Smashed glass at window company VistaLite in south Auckland.
But without video evidence he was unable to confirm at an early stage if the damage caused in the area was done by a tornado.
Conditions in the atmosphere at the time were conducive to tornados, and it is possible the damage was caused by ba small tornado.
Debris left strewn across the road in Papatoetoe, south Auckland.
Manurewa resident Janet Thomas was checking her children’s sports cancellations online when she saw her outdoor chairs went flying and the ranch-slider started shaking.
There was a big bang and our fence had fallen and all our stuff went flying, Thomas said. It was over so fast.
Janet Thomas heard a loud bang before her fence fell down during the tornado.
She saw chairs flying down the road and trees fallen on cars.
Auckland mayor Phil Goff said he was shocked by the damage that had rolled through Papatoetoe.
Its incredible, he said.
Goff said it was heartening to see how quickly the community came together to start the cleanup.
On Seddon Ave Goff was treated to a community lunch table where locals had made a meal with the barbecue, ordered pizzas and made some kava.
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff was shocked to see the tornado damage in Papatoetoe, but enjoyed some kava with local residents.
James said the weather system that caused the damage had cleared from the area, and the risk to Auckland is diminished.
But with the storm now moving south, a weather watch remained in place for the Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne.