Dr Trupti Giladi, an infectious diseases specialist shared a five-minute video where she stated that “We are so helpless. Like many doctors I am troubled”.

A Mumbai doctor’s emotional appeal on social media urging people to wear masks and to not take Covid-19 “lightly” has struck a chord with many netizens.
Dr Trupti Giladi, an infectious diseases specialist, shared a five-minute video highlighting how “helpless” health professionals have been feeling in their daily fight against Covid-19.
In the video, fighting back tears, she said: We are so helpless. Like many doctors I am troubled.
The unprecedented crisis has seen hospitals struggling to accomodate the influx of Covid patients amid limited number of beds and medical oxygen shortages.
“We have to manage so many patients… critically ill patients are being treated at home because there are no beds… we are not enjoying this…,” she said. Warning even those who have recovered from Covid, Dr Giladi said, Dont think you are a superhero.
She also said that doctors have been witnessing many young people getting infected and turning serious. To underline her message, Dr Giladi referred to a 35-year-old COVID-19 patient who was on a ventilator.
Covid is everywhere! If you leave home, for whatever reason, you HAVE TO WEAR YOUR MASK. It doesnt matter why you are going out but you have to wear face masks, and make sure your nose is fully covered, she said.
Urging people not to panic and get admitted to a hospital only because they tested positive, she said that beds are only for those who really need them. If you get unwell, if you feel unwell, dont panic and try to get admitted. There is no space at any hospital and the few beds we have we need for critically ill patients. First isolate yourself, get in touch with your doctor, and let us decide, she said.
She also appealed to all to get vaccinated and not believe in rumors. “If you haven’t taken it yet, for whatever reason, please do so! There is a definite improvement… people who get two doses, their infection is not as severe…hospitalisation is not being required in most cases. So, the vaccine is definitely helping,” she said.