If you’re looking for an Apple AIrPlay adapter to update your home audio system, the Belkin SOUNDFORM Connect could be just the thing you need.

The new Belkin SOUNDFORM Connect is an affordable device that adds Apple AIrPlay 2 connectivity to … [+] older audio systems or active speakers.
Today Belkin has announced its latest product in the new SOUNDFORM product range. The SOUNDFORM Connect is a new Apple AirPlay audio adapter that can turn any traditional stereo speaker into an AirPlay 2-enabled speaker. We havent seen a product like this since Apple phased out the old Apple TV and AirPort Express, both of which were great ways of adding AirPlay compatibility to older audio systems. 
Apple AirPlay 2 is an easy way to stream music to audio devices and active loudspeakers wherever they are in the home. They can even stream music to more than one speaker, enabling users can listen to the same or different music all around the home.
Belkins SOUNDFORM Connect seamlessly streams audio without the need for pairing devices. Once the new SOUNDFORM Connect is hitched up to a powered speaker or audio system using an optical or 3.5mm input, users can stream music simply by tapping the AirPlay icon on any device that supports AirPlay. The device is powered using a USB-C cable and a regular 5V power supply.
The Belkin SOUNDFORM Connect is one of the first standalone Apple AirPlay adapters I can remember … [+] since Apple axed the old AIrPort Express.
With AirPlay-enabled speakers, users can even ask Siri to play their favorite music or podcasts throughout the house. The device can also be asked what is playing in each room, as well as controlling the volume levels and more. The SOUNDFORM Connect is also compatible with Apples HomeKit system, making it easy to assign adapters to different rooms and create scenes and automation using Apples Home app.
The SOUNDFORM Connect is the latest in a series of new audio products from Belkin as the company moves deeper into the audio space. The launch follows on from Belkins SOUNDFORM Elite, a robust speaker developed in partnership with Devialet. Recently, Belkin also made its first foray into wireless sound with the launch of the SOUNDFORM True Wireless Earbuds and SOUNDFORM Freedom True Wireless Earbuds, one of the first third-party accessories able to work with Apple’s Find My Network.
Pricing and availability: The Belkin SOUNDFORM Connect Apple AirPlay 2 adapter is available now from Belkin.com and will be available from select retailers shortly. The SOUNDFORM Connect costs £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99.