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That is it from this bilateral series. A win for Bangladesh against NZ in NZ has eluded them for a couple of decades now. The wait has only been stretched longer now. They just weren’t good enough, again. There were meek capitulations in game 1 and 3. Game 2 did see saw a bit but the beam tilted and rested in favour of NZ. The visitors have been blanked 0-3. And for the hosts. How strong are they at home? NZ. Home Venue. Win. Repeat. They have remained unflinched at home. The caravan moves to the T20s now and Bangladesh would be hoping for that elusive win. On that note, this is Kumar Abhisekh Das signing off on behalf of Sagar Chawla, MS Ramakrishnan and Naga!
Tom Latham, NZ captain: Nice to put on three good performances. The way we went about things after the early bit of pressure was outstanding. With the left-handers as well, and to give him (Mitchell) an opportunity up top. When you get them three down early, it’s tough to come back from that. Our bowlers bowled beautifully. The areas that we bowled, pushed that rate up pretty quickly. It’s awesome when you see guys come in from domestic cricket and perform straightaway. We played really well. The goal was to win 3-0 and we managed to do that. The energy in the field today. Talk about guys stepping up in different situations and we did that today.
Tamim Iqbal, Bangladesh captain: Thought we started pretty well with the ball. But those two guys batted beautifully. Sometimes small things hurt you more. The catches, the run outs. No doubt Black Caps played unbelievably well, but at the same time we didn’t play well. The way we batted was not on. You can get good balls here and there, but you have to be patient. When you come this side of the world, you know ball will nip around, will bounce more. These are all good batting surfaces, your time will come. We played too many loose shots too early. We were three down in 10 overs and the game was done there. I’m not the kind of person who will bring up these quarantine issues, we were not good enough
Devon Conway, Player of the Match and Series: Good feeling, pretty happy with how things went today. For me it’s about trying to keep it nice and simple, do the same things over and over. Credit to Daryl, the way he played his natural, positive game. Was a little tricky upfront. Taskin bowled well, seaming it around. Wanted to absorb pressure upfront and score later in the innings. Getting to bat up the order was pretty cool. Plenty of learnings that came out of that first game. Naturally there is going to be pressure. It’s about doing what you can do, controlling what you can control, it’s what I believe. Pretty grateful that I’ve had a bit of cricket under my belt. Everything’s happening so quickly, game after game. Don’t like to look too far ahead. Probably can reflect after the summer.
18:29 Local Time, 05:29 GMT, 10:59 IST: NZ have blanked the tourists 3-0. Bangladesh barring the second game never showed up. Another listless display with the bat today. Only Mahmudullah stood up but got it too late and too little. The Kiwi bowlers despite bowling second managed to inflict enough damage. The middle overs also were relentless and the visitors were never out of jail. Earlier, maiden tons from Conway and Mitchell ensured NZ managed a pretty tall score. They also had some hiccups to start off but managed to stabilize the innings courtesy Conway. Once the big score was on the board, the NZ bowlers took over.
Neesham to Mustafizur, out Lbw!! Fifer for Neesham. He has been phenomenal. This was a yorker and Mustafizur just couldn’t get bat on it. The ball was clipping the leg-stick as seen on the ball tracker and the on-field umpire’s call was upheld. It looked more out at the first instance though and Mustafizur also shuffled a bit. NZ have won three in a row and take the series 3-0. Mustafizur lbw b Neesham 0(3)
Neesham to Mustafizur, THATS OUT!! Lbw!!
The Fizz has been given out LBW. He of course has challenged the call. Worse, he is limping. Was hit flush on the boot as Neesham speared in the yorker. No bat involved and it is umpire’s call on hitting. NZ win!
Neesham to Mustafizur, no run, right up there and Mustafizur digs the ball out into the on-side
Neesham to Mustafizur, no run, fuller, angling across, Mustafizur pushes at it and gets beaten outside off
Mustafizur Rahman, left handed bat, comes to the crease
Neesham to Rubel, out Caught by Latham!! Finally the resistance ends. Lovely length delivery, Rubel pushed at it to end up edging it. That was a beauty to dismiss someone who bats at number 10. The ball nibbled away late as well to take the edge. Only a wicket remains now. Rubel c Latham b Neesham 4(28)
Neesham to Rubel, THATS OUT!! Caught!!
Jamieson to Mahmudullah, no run, short, too short and Jamieson gets away with it
Jamieson to Mahmudullah, SIX, top-edge! Sixer. That was banged in short, Mahmudullah went for the pull and ended up getting a big fat top-edge for the ball to soar over the keeper
Jamieson to Mahmudullah, FOUR, short, well outside off and has been dragged between mid-wicket and mid-on for a four. Was hit well
Jamieson to Rubel, 1 run, looks to swing it away across the line and gets it off the outer-edge for the ball to land short of the man at deep third man for a single
Jamieson to Rubel, no run, throws his bat at a wide one, Rubel gets beaten
Jamieson to Mahmudullah, 1 run, angles the ball in at the body, Mahmudullah hops up and tucks it away into the on-side for a single. Thought of a brace but then couldn’t
Neesham to Rubel, no run, fuller, right up there and has been jammed out into the on-side wide of mid-on