"There’s just nothing for these locations of interest," says the co-owner of Wellington’s Highwater, which is closed for two weeks after 80 per cent of its staff had to isolated.

The owners of popular Wellington eatery Highwater have laid bare the financial toll having a brush with the Sydney Covid case has had.
Last weekend, the Sydney traveller stopped in at the restaurant therefore making it a place of interest for contact tracing.
The capital has been at alert level 2 because the traveller tested positive for the virus after returning to Australia.
A number of cafes and tourist attractions are now locations of interest after an Australian traveller tested positive for Covid-19.
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In a post on Instagram Highwater said the restaurant will remain closed until Tuesday, July 6.
Unfortunately for us, 80 per cent of our staff (including all key members), were working last Saturday night & are required to isolate for 14 days which means that we simply cannot open our doors in any capacity due to a lack of available staff.
They said at this stage the government was not offering any financial support for loss of income over the 14 days-stretch, nor do we receive insurance for loss of stock, theres no reduction in overheads that remain payable open or closed, or any assistance for the deep clean required to ensure we have a safe environment to go back to.
What we do receive is a small wage subsidy to pass onto staff that are required to self isolate, yet nothing it seems for staff that werent working on Saturday night and dont have a job to go to for 14 days.
This is the current reality for us.
If the trans-Tasman bubble is opened, then we all are relying on the government to have adequate measures in place to protect us all, the post said.
Highwater is closed as a Covid-19 location of interest as Wellington moved into level 2 on Wednesday afternoon.
There needed to be better government support if there was a slip up, the post said.
Our thoughts are with all businesses and staff that are in the same (leaky) boat & our thanks go to you all that have sent us kind messages of support.
On Saturday night co-owner Rachael Stevens told Stuff that all her staff had been tested.
The shutdown came at a tough time as businesses were trying to claw back losses from last year, while also dealing with lower numbers in winter.
She said last Saturday nights service, when the Sydney traveller dined at Highwater, was one of our busiest times.
The government needed to look at ways of helping out businesses that had to shut down through no fault of their own.
Theres just nothing for these locations of interest. They [the government] have all the systems in place, so it can be done.
There have been 19 places of interest in Wellington in connection with the Sydney travellers visit, including Highwater, Te Papa, Floriditas, Unity Books and the Weta Cave Shop in Miramar.
Sydney, this evening, has entered a two-week lockdown because of an outbreak there.