RICHARD Madeley has called for Katie Price to be on the New Year’s Honours list for her services to motherhood.
The 42-year-old reality star was praised by Richard following her recent BBC documentary with disabled son Harvey.
Richard Madeley has called for Katie Price to be on the New Year’s Honours listCredit: BBC
Following the eye-opening show, Richard took to Twitter to credit Katie for her ‘sheer unselfish power of maternal love’.
He said: “We just watched the Katie Price BBC2 doco. That woman should be in the next New Year’s Honours list for services to motherhood.
“What a testament to the sheer unselfish power of maternal love. Utterly blown away by her.”
Fans flocked to Richard’s post, with one saying: “It completely changed my perception of her. Good luck to them and the wonderful carers.”
The former This Morning presenter praised Katie on TwitterCredit: Rex Features
Katie opened up on her life with Harvey on their BBC documentary Credit: BBC
Harvey has a range of complex needs Credit: BBC
A second agreed: “You could always tell she had a great relationship with Harvey.”
A third added: “Totally agree with you, what a woman and mother she is!”
Sadly, Katie missed a place as the list was previously released on December 30, 2020.
The reality star’s eldest son, 18, has autism and struggles with the excessive appetite caused by his genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome.
Katie’s eldest son has autism and struggles with excessive appetiteCredit: w8media
Harvey with sister Bunny on the documentary, where viewers praised their special bondCredit: BBC
The condition can impact muscle tone, functions of the nervous system and sparks the constant desire to eat.
The former glamour model explained she has been forced to padlock the family fridge to stop Harvey, whose weight has soared 29st, bingeing in the night.
She says that if she denies him food Harvey will smash up her house and leave holes in the wall.
Katie previously said: “Its a cruel and horrible illness where he feels hungry all the time – and if he doesnt get food he gets angry. Its hard work.
“He’ll smash things up if you say no. Ive had to re-plaster my walls because hell bash holes in them with his head.”
Following the BBC documentary, viewers praised Katie’s youngest daughter Bunny for her special bond with Harvey.
At one point, Bunny showed how much she cared about her older sibling as they shared a sweet moment watching TV.
Commenting on the youngster, one said: “I love the bond he has with his family but the bond between little Bunny and Harvey is heart melting.”
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