The EU (Future Relationship) Bill will put the post-Brexit trade agreement in to UK law.

Boris Johnson will tell the Commons that the country is about to open “a new chapter in our national story” – reasserting global Britain – while promising to be the “best friend and ally” the EU could have.
But, as many predicted, the process has run to the wire.
Parliament will vote on an agreement today that will take effect, tomorrow night.
That is when the UK stops following EU rules as the transition period comes to an end.
With the broad backing of his MPs, including the ERG group of Eurosceptic Tories, the prime minister is expected to win parliament’s approval.
The Labour leader is also instructing his side to support the trade deal.
Sir Keir Starmer’s said that the agreement is “thin” but suggested its better than no deal.
But at least a handful of his MPs look set to defy him.
Brexit has often caused division and, at times, political turmoil.
But, after years of heated debate and hard negotiations, the country will soon start to find out what Brexit really means.