One contestant asks Jock a sadistic question on MasterChef

Its nearing the end of a big week at MasterChef, and Elise, Linda and Justin are competing for immunity and the first coveted spot in Finals Week.Entering the kitchen they see sixty cloches sets with something different under each one – cuisines, ingredients and equipment.
The judges tell them they’ll have to select two cloches at random and combine the two into one dish.
If they’re not happy with their first two choices they can exchange a choice and lock into a third choice, but if they do this they can’t go back to their original pairing.
In the game of luck, Elise picks chocolate under her first cloche.
As she selects her second cloche, Jock taunts her, saying,“Please be beef, or pork or something”, to which Justin replies “you just love watching us suffer, don’t you?”
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Jock’s grin is answer enough.
Thankfully, under Elise’s second cloche is pistachio.
“That’s so good!” yells Sabina from the gantry.
Pete echoes this, saying, “that’s a pretty solid combo.”
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Elise is absolutely stoked with her ingredients. “In terms of two ingredients that could go together, chocolate and pistachios, that’s quite a marriage. This is good.”
The Immunity Challenge comes after the week that had the contestants in the beautiful Northern Territory.
From cooking under the stars at Uluru, to being blessed with a traditional Welcome to Country smoking ritual from by the Arrernte people, the contestants won’t be forgetting their experiences there anytime soon.
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However, they’re now back in Melbourne and back in the MasterChef kitchen, ready to cook their hearts out and make it into the finals.
To find out who wins the important Immunity Challenge on Thursdays episode, tune into MasterChef at 7:30pm on Channel 10.