A catalogue of Rust design patterns, anti-patterns and idioms

When developing programs, we have to solve many problems. A program can be viewed as a solution to a problem. It can also be viewed as a collection of solutions to many different problems. All of these solutions work together to solve a bigger problem.
There are many problems that share the same form. Due to the fact that Rust is not object-oriented design patterns vary with respect to other object-oriented programming languages. While the details are different, since they have the same form they can be solved using the same fundamental methods.
Design patterns are methods to solve common problems when writing software.
Anti-patterns are methods to solve these same common problems.
However, while design patterns give us benefits, anti-patterns create more problems.
Idioms are guidelines to follow when coding. They are social norms of the community.
You can break them, but if you do you should have a good reason for it.
TODO: Mention why Rust is a bit special – functional elements, type system, borrow checker