The US expert apologised for remarks that seemed to criticise the UK’s vaccine approval process.

Sean Marett, chief commercial officer for BioNTech – the company that, with Pfizer, makes the vaccine that the UK has approved – says each of the batches coming out of the manufacturing site in Belgium have to be approved for a “quality check”.
The doses are then packed and shipped, he says. The first batch arrived by Eurostar into the UK yesterday and was taken to a “safe storage facility”.
“In terms of precise numbers of each batch, I can’t give you that detail. But what I can tell you is that we made these vaccines in advance and we were waiting for approval,” he says.
“This means we release them and they’re shipped to the UK.”
“Let me be very clear, we check for quality, we ship. It’s December, we’ve committed doses to the UK, they will be shipped every day that we can. And you can expect, next week, more shipments to arrive in the UK.”
Marett says the vaccine has been tested in 43,000 people and the typical side effects are fatigue and sometimes a headache.
“In most cases it’s no different from when people get a flu injection,” he adds.