Users can get this feature by enabling the E2EE option in the settings.

The rise in the number of COVID cases made offices shut down and move towards the alternative of working from home using different platforms like Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams which allows organizations to work together and share data easily.Before COVID 19 communicating sensitive information was not a problem for organizations as communication happened person to person or in meetings thus making sure that the organizations sensitive information doesn’t gets leaked.
Apart from communicating sensitive information and plans, sharing data was also quite easy, as data was shared from one computer to another, both of which were placed inside the same office and were connected through the offices network, Networks used in offices are safe and cannot be opened unless access is provided. However, while employees work from home data had to be transferred from one location to another both of which use different internet connections making the transfer unsafe.
With the imposition of lockdown in various parts of the world, businesses and organizations had a big question. Will their data and conversations be safe and not get stolen from the platforms that they are using to work from home? Well the answer to this question is yes. With development in the field of technology, platforms like Microsoft Teams have been able to develop an encryption policy that encrypts data whether it is in transit or at rest. Microsoft Teams does this by using TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is a protocol that provides communication security.
With the increase in hacking and data breaching, organizations are very careful about their data and only use services which have the maximum security. Now platforms like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams are competing on their security and encryption.
Recently Microsoft Teams announced that they are will add new security features to its mobile and desktop app, these new features will make the platform much safer than before.
One of the security feature that Microsoft Teams is planning to release in July is the end to end encryption for one to one voice calls, users can get this feature by enabling the E2EE option in the settings, moreover the IT department will be given control to restrict and allow anyone to use the E2EE feature. To make these calls end to end encrypted, both the caller and receiver would have to enable the E2EE feature.
A lot of other similar communication platforms like Zoom already had the E2EE support and now with Microsoft Teams joining the list, organizations will trust Microsoft Teams even more.
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