OnePlus 9 Series camera phone to launch on 23 March – complete with Hasselblad imaging technology

OnePlus has announced that it will be launching the OnePlus 9 Series on 23 March, which will be the first handset from its new partnership with Hasselblad. This three year partnership will be focusing on co-developing “the next generation of smartphone camera systems”, with OnePlus flagship devices set to benefit from Hasselblad’s imaging technology.
One of the benefits that users can expect from this collaboration between OnePlus and Hasselblad is a totally new camera interface, which will be called Hasselblad Camera for Mobile.
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As reported by PetaPixel, another interesting benefit will be the ‘Hasselblad Pro Mode’, which OnePlus is calling “class-leading sensor calibration”. This will enable OnePlus users to capture photos in up to 12-bit RAW. 
OnePlus says, “Hasselblad Pro Mode has been revamped with a new user interface based on Hasselblad’s image processing software to give users an authentic Hasselblad look and feel. It also allows for an unprecedented amount of control for professional photographers to fine-tune their photos, with the ability to adjust ISO, focus, exposure times, white balance and more.”
Interestingly, OnePlus has stated that the most technically challenging aspect of the collaboration with Hasselblad was the development of advanced color calibration. This “Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad” will bring more accurate and natural colors to images taken on OnePlus devices using the technology. 
The OnePlus 9 Series is set to launch on 23 March, but OnePlus has already announced that it will use a custom Sony IMX789 sensor, calling it “the largest and most advanced main camera sensor ever on a OnePlus device”. This will be able to shoot in 12-bit RAW and support 8K at 30fps and 4K at 120fps. However, we’ll have to wait until the 23rd for any more official information on this new and exciting camera phone
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