Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal: Every Premier League game predicted to reveal final table

The Premier League season is so close we can almost taste it.
There’s a Christmas-like excitement to the beginning of every new season, but the upcoming 2021/22 campaign feels all the more special for marking the return of supporters to stadiums.
And it’s those very fans who will be spinning through the turnstiles in the coming days that can’t resist trying their hand at predicting how the Premier League season will play out year after year.
Premier League predictions
Let’s face it, we’ve all chanced our arms trying to predict the final table from top to bottom before a ball has even kicked only to inevitably look like a complete mug by the time that May rolls around.
However, that most minute of chances that you might get things spot on and look like Nostradamus is just so tempting that we keep doing it season on season. That, and, well, it’s just so darn fun, isn’t it?
Here at GIVEMESPORT, we’ve already jumped on the trend and given our full prediction for the Premier League table, but we wanted to go one step further by forecasting every single game.
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Predicting all 380 games?!
Yes, that’s right, just when you thought that making wild Premier League predictions couldn’t go any further, we have genuinely taken on the challenge of giving our thoughts on all 380 fixtures.
To do so, we’ve called upon the fantastic table predictor at and tried to see whether calling each game gives a weaker or stronger forecast for the entire table at the end.
Now, obviously, I’ve made the predictions based on my thoughts on how the season will play out in terms of which teams I think might win the title, challenge for the top four or suffer relegation etc.
Predicting the unpredictable
However, this is football, so unpredictable things happen on a regular basis. I mean, who could possibly have called Aston Villa beating Liverpool 7-2 and Tottenham Hotspur winning 6-1 at Old Trafford?
As such, if you see me predicting some wild upsets or bonkers score-lines along the way, then rest assured that I haven’t lost my mind but, rather, I’m simply aware that I’ll get nowhere playing things completely by the book.
And the beauty of this system is that – barring a few checks that I wasn’t completely messing things up along the way – you don’t really know how the final Premier League table will look at the end of it.
Subsequently, there are some significant differences between the result that I came to on this occasion compared to my full GMS forecast that was based largely on my guttural instincts.
Predicting every single Premier League game
And breathe. So, now that we’re all on the same page, be sure to check out every single predicted result, as well as the final Premier League table that it resulted in, down below:
Game-week 1
Game-week 2
Game-week 3
Game-week 4
Game-week 5
Game-week 6
Game-week 7
Game-week 8
Game-week 9
Game-week 10
Game-week 11
Game-week 12
Game-week 13
Game-week 14
Game-week 15
Game-week 16
Game-week 17
Game-week 18
Game-week 19
Game-week 20
Game-week 21
Game-week 22
Game-week 23
Game-week 24
Game-week 25
Game-week 26
Game-week 27
Game-week 28
Game-week 29
Game-week 30
Game-week 31
Game-week 32
Game-week 33
Game-week 34
Game-week 35
Game-week 36
Game-week 37
Game-week 38
Final Premier League table
Surprising results, even for me…
To put things into context, I actually believe that Chelsea will win the league this season and that Watford, Crystal Palace and Southampton will be the clubs who crash down to the Championship.
Admittedly, I have been swayed by the idea that Liverpool might be hungry for revenge and Burnley could be doomed over the last few days, but I wasn’t expecting that to manifest itself too much.
And rest assured that there’s no way that I’d be predicting Arsenal to finish in the bottom half of the table in an ordinary prediction, that’s for sure…
It really goes to show how motoring through 380 predictions based on footballing instincts can create such a different result compared to what you’d initially put down as your final table.
Only time will tell whether my rudimentary prediction or 380 results will prove closer to the truth, but before you mock any of my forecasts above, be sure to try it for yourself because it’s darn brutal…
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