It’s the big lie that this reality TV groom denied — and now the truth has leaked.

Married At First Sights toxic groom is exposed by his own friends as a liar after they start gossiping about him without realising the cameras are still secretly rolling. Video / Nine NetworkMarried At First Sight’s toxic groom is accidentally exposed by his own friends as a liar on Tuesday night after they start gossiping about him without realising the cameras are still secretly rolling.
It’s a back to basics approach from the producers and we really enjoy it. Pretending to turn the cameras off classic. The rough and ready scene shines with so much skill and precision the producers should be collectively awarded the Logie for Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report.
These friends are obviously not MAFS veterans. When it comes to this show, there’s two things we know for sure: The cameras are never really off. And the rumours are always true.
Speaking of things that may or may not be true, Bec tells Jake she needs to leave because her dog’s sick or it needs to be fed or it’s graduating from university or something.
At last night’s commitment ceremony, she chose to leave the experiment but then got trapped for one more week when Jake revealed his decision to stay.
This is important to note because while we’re not accusing her of telling fibs it is a little suspicious that her dog has just sprung this university graduation on everyone at the last minute.
“I’m obviously going home,” she says. “I really don’t know how long I’m going home for but my priorities lie with Oscar at the moment. I might not come back and [I] think I may not return to this.”
She shoots Jake one final glare through the glass doors of the lift.
The voiceover lady informs us that this entire week will be dedicated to final dates and we scream in terror. Then we black out completely when we see everyone is getting dressed in head-to-toe show merch.
Obviously we will not be detailing all the final dates in this recap. If we wanted to endure that punishment, we’d buy our own Red Balloon voucher and embark on a midweek helicopter ride while eating supermarket cheese.
We’re here to witness scandal and if we have to go to Bryce’s home in Canberra to find it, then that is a Rex flight we’re willing to board.
Melissa has a secret mission and pledges to pump Bryce’s mates for intel about the rumour of the mystery girlfriend on the outside. When Bryce goes to fetch some drinks from the bar, she grabs the opportunity and recites the roll call of incidents that have plagued her marriage.
“He threw a glass of water and there was a rumour he has a girlfriend outside the experiment,” she sighs to the friends, rehashing the very convoluted story about how Bryce allegedly gave a gift to a pal to take back to some random lady in Canberra. “Is there any truth to this girlfriend rumour?”
You better believe this kween knows what’s up:
The friends sit in uncomfortable silence as their eyes dart around the terrace.
“What has he told you?” one of them ventures, trying to find out the details so as not to blow Bryce’s cover story.
Melissa explains Bryce said he was semi-seeing a girl on Tinder and broke it off once he got accepted onto this reality freak show.
“I don’t really have heaps to comment. If I knew more, I’d totally jump in,” one of the other chicks nods confidently.
But when Bryce and Melissa leave the bar to complete the rest of their boring final date, the friends suddenly do have heaps to comment on.
The production crew are taking down lighting and packing up cords as the friends whisper about the alleged secret girlfriend.
“Do you think he’s lied to her?” one of them asks.
“Yep,” another shoots back.
“Yeah, no doubt.”
And this is when one of the girls confirms everything: “Because the gift thing is true.”
We gasp. Lies and scandal in Canberra it’s just not something you hear about everyday.
Melissa keeps playing the interaction with Bryce’s friends over and over in her head. They didn’t confirm the lie, but they also didn’t deny it. And now she’s doubting her husband even more than before she started digging.
Either way, we’d rather be getting relentlessly lied to in Canberra than putting up with whatever Patrick’s final date is supposed to be.