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No, you have largely misunderstood the situation. After I was a few Units in (3) and thus financially obligated to pay the ISA, they removed core components of the program. There are no more assigned team leads. There are no more standups with your classmates so you can discuss the same project and see the many different ways to approach a solution. There is no more 1 on 1 review of your work. Where a mentor was paid to mentor you, you are now forced to mentor other students and vice versa. I’ve never heard from my mentor. You grade your own work. There is no attendance. I signed up for 18 months of programming, choosing Lambda especially because of the length of time of the program that was advertised. They suddenly reduced it to 12 months. As of yesterday, I’ve withdrawn after 4 months as this is not the program that was sold to me. I completed 22% of the program I thought I was signing up for, but under their new reduction, they said I owe 37% withdrawing before Unit 4. People in my cohort don’t even understand basic Javascript and I’m not faring much better. I’m nowhere ready for a job. Now I have to find an education elsewhere and probably teach myself because now I don’t trust bootcamps.
Also, I will have to pay it back…because I will get a job in tech and I will make at least 50k within 5 years. I’m not going to let the disappointment of Lambda stop me from doing so. It sucks that I will have to pay them even though they won’t be the reason I get there and despite their misleading me and other students as to what their program contained.