OPINION: What started as a bit of a joke soon turned into something a bit more serious, when it was revealed the site foreman was in hospital.

OPINION: What started as a bit of a joke soon turned into something a bit more serious, when it was revealed that site foreman Peter Wolfkamp spent a night in hospital with a secret eye injury.
Wolfie? No! Wolfie. Yes. While his absence was batted away with jokes and games for most of the week, Mark Richardson delivered the sombre news to the teams in the dying moments of the first week.
Ignore Mark Richardsons face, Ed the Bald Eagle seems like a lovely guy.
Whats the story then? It seems Wolfie had an issue with his eye, underwent a series of tests and then spent a night in hospital for what was ailing him, when it turned out to be a bit more serious than first thought. Mark revealed there was a chance he wouldnt actually be back on The Block NZ this year.
That doesnt sound great. No, it certainly does not.
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So who takes over the foreman duties if Wolfies not there? That would be Ed. Bald Eagle Ed (his name, not mine) who is Wolfies deputy. Who knew?
Is Ed a good egg? Look, the man actually said the words we always have eyes on the contestants which seemed like a kick in the teeth to poor, old, sore-eyed Wolfie. But yeah, he cuts an imposing figure and I imagine the teams will be in good hands.
Big Dog Dan fancied himself as Wolfie’s replacement.
Were there any other contenders? Yes. Orange Dan aka Big Dog fancied himself as the new site foreman, even nicking Wolfies prized high-vis and tools down powers for a hot minute. I never thought my daddy would be the big man on The Block, Tim told him (awkwardly), before he and Art quickly jumped ship, crooning a real banger of a song in praise of the OG Block Boss, Wolfie. Pure poetry.
Did anything else happen that we should know about before Sundays room reveal? Tim lost his undies, but Jahan found them (phew!). Meg and Dan forgot their wallpaper, but dont worry, because they might have stolen Janah and Rachs plasterer from right under their noses (scandal!). And Dylan and Keegan have decided a bright orange wall is the perfect bedroom accessory du jour (bold!).
And everyone is still getting along? Welllllll, yes and no.
Oh? Yellow brothers Dylan and Keegan are mothering purple mums Jaha and Rach when it comes to workload and budget, because they Do. Not. Trust. Them. Not. To. Ruin. This. For. Everybody. Dylan offered himself up as a virtual courier service, which I think is also known as a lackey, to basically go and do a first round of shopping for the purple team.
Odd choice of ways to spend your time, Dylan. They must be so far ahead in their own room? Welllllll
Please dont tell me this has anything to do with plaste Ill stop you there. Dylan and Keegan also (stupidly) tried to be gallant guys, offering the mums first use on some dodgy power sockets (wouldnt have happened if Wolfie was around), sacrificing their own ability to use power to be able to easily and quickly sand their (lets all say it together, now) plaster. Which means they have fallen behind.
What are they competing for again this week? Oh, just the ability to pick the house they want for the rest of the whole competition. Nothing major. Good luck Sunday, lads.