Washington’s recent attempts to communicate with Pyongyang were rebuffed, leaving American officials to appeal to countries in the region to help pressure North Korea.

With regard to North Korea, the most important outreach and engagement were doing is with our partners and allies. Thats a big part of the reason why were here, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken told reporters after talks in Seoul on Thursday with Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and South Koreas foreign and defense ministers.
He said the Biden administration was consulting closely with the governments of South Korea, Japan and other allied nations who are concerned by the actions and activities of North Korea.
But China is North Koreas chief financial and political benefactor, and Mr. Blinken acknowledged that Beijing has a critical role to play in any diplomatic effort with Pyongyang. He suggested China was also concerned about North Koreas nuclear and missile programs.
China has a real interest in helping to deal with this, Mr. Blinken said. So we look to Beijing to play a role in advancing what is in, I think, everyones interest.
Whether the United States can recruit Beijing to participate will be clearer after talks later on Thursday and on Friday in Anchorage, Alaska, when Chinas top two diplomats meet with Mr. Blinken and the White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan. American officials have billed the talks as a blunt exchange of policy views.