Sameera Reddy recently revealed that she noticed a significant drop in her weight and was determined to reach her goal soon. The actor shared that she has been practising intermittent fasting and yoga to stay healthy.

Sameera Reddy is a staunch advocate for body positivity. She actively talks about being fit and exercising regularly without the pressure of fitting into a stereotypical body type. She also urges her followers to love their bodies as it is.
Recently, Sameera updated her fans about her fitness journey in her latest post. The actor talked about the changes her body has been going through after she started intermittent fasting. She said that she had lost weight and was working towards her goal.
Taking to social media, Sameera shared a picture of herself sitting on her yoga mat and flashing her beautiful smile. In the post, the actor opened up about how she registered a significant drop in her weight. It happened after she started intermittent fasting to achieve her goal weight, which is 75 kg. She is currently 86.9 kg.
Sameera added that apart from practising intermittent fasting, she also does yoga for her mental wellbeing. To keep a check on her health, she also started holding back on her sweet intake.
Sameera captioned her post, Major breakthrough this week! Ive had a significant drop in weight and my luscious rolls are finally coming down! #fitnessfriday is my happy reminder for you and me to keep going and not give up! Im 86.9 kg and even more determined to get to my goal of 75 kg and being able to just get to my optimum stamina still enjoying where I am at now without feeling down but more importantly feeling charged. My intermittent fasting is back on track and my yoga is helping me with my mental and physical balance (much needed) Ive really had to hold back on sweet!! Super hard but I see the difference! How is it going for you #fitnessmotivation #bodypositive #imperfectlyperfect #letsdothis.
What is intermittent fasting?
Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It is observed to lose weight. People select time frames and eat their meals within that period. There is no particular diet chart that should be followed while practising intermittent fasting. Instead, it is about a set period during which you should eat.
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