The title offers a fantastic glimpse into The Simpsons’ living room, complete with giant lumbering Homer.

From what little material is available, it looks like Bug Squad may have featured a crew of jumping, bipedal cockroaches infesting 742 Evergreen Terrace. The game features a cel-shaded version of the Simpson family’s kitchen and living room, with a remarkable degree of accuracy. Of the eponymous family, only Homer makes an appearance, walking around the room like a moving hazard, oblivious to the bugs.
Another title that Red Lemon began work on, but never finished, was Take The Bullet, a first-person shooter that used the Dreamcast light gun. That game was unearthed back in 2015, with The Dreamcast Junkyard showing off some play-through footage from what had been completed. The addition of another canceled title helps to burnish Red Lemon’s legacy, and make us all a little wistful for what could have been.