The popular 90s toy Tamagotchi is making a comeback 25 years after it first launched, as a new wearable device that people but only in Japan. The launch was announced by Tamagotchi’s manufacturer Bandai with a video that was made in collaboration with Japanes…

Tamagotchi is back, this time as a wearable in celebration of the iconic toy’s 25th anniversary. The toy first debuted in 1996, and instantly became a craze among children. Now, the digital creatures are coming back as colourful devices that have been tailored to suit the new age and taste, with touch and voice controls as well as characters and items. The touch and voice commands let the owners communicate with the devices. The new devices also have an improved battery life with up to 30 hours of backup and they can be recharged using a USB.
Tamagotchi’s manufacturer, Bandai, announced the release of the new wearable devices through a video as a collaboration with the popular Japanese pop group, NiziU.
Bandai has decided to sell the Tamagotchi smartwatches by lottery for now, according to a report in CNET. Buyers can apply between June 17 and July 2 and the winners will be announced later in July. The sale will open for everyone else in Japan on November 23. There is no clarity yet on the international release of the new devices.
The smartwatches will cost 7,480 yen (roughly Rs. 5,000). Buyers can also purchase smart cards for 1,100 yen (roughly Rs. 740) that you can insert into the smartwatch for add-on features, the report added.
Tamagotchi toys were a huge sensation after their launch in Japan in 1996. They became so popular that an anime series and an animated movie were made inspired by the toy characters. These earlier generations of Tamagotchi characters were prone to die if they didn’t get the care they needed.
According to Kotaku, a website for gaming reviews among other reports, the new version feels more like an egg-shaped smartwatch for kids. It also has a pedometer to measure the number of steps you take. The new watches have wireless connectivity which allows multiple Tamagotchi devices to connect with one another.