‘We do need money to actually improve the quality and availability of social care,’ says senior Tory

Government plans for a new ship aiming to extol the virtues of Brexit Britain have been branded as a complete waste of time and silly populist nonsense by the senior Tory peer Ken Clarke.
With an estimated price tag of £200 million, the former Conservative chancellor dismissed the proposal unveiled by Boris Johnson last month, and urged the government to show restraint with public spending.
Just moments earlier, however, Matt Hancock, the health secretary, was effusive in his praise of the so-called royal yacht, defending the project as a brilliant idea and claiming it was great value for money in a separate interview.
Asked whether it was a good use of taxpayers money, Lord Clarke told BBC Radio 4s Today programme: Complete waste of time silly populist nonsense.
£200 million is not going to cause problems, but it shows there are people in No 10 who just think theres free money, who think that waving a Union Jack and sending yachts and aircraft carriers around the world shows what a great power we are, weve no money for that kind of thing.
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The former Tory MP added: We do need money to actually improve the quality and availability of social care, but all they are arguing about is how much money we spend to make social care cheaper for wealthy people in order to protect the inheritance of their children. We do need spend money on skills training.
His comments come amid a row within Whitehall and the Treasury over future spending priorities and how to deal with the extensive bill the government has accrued throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, with major issues such as reform of the broken social care system yet to be unveiled by No 10.
But asked whether the money being earmarked for the new flagship should be spent elsewhere, Mr Hancock, the health secretary, told Sky News: Im obviously not the minister responsible for the royal yacht, but what I can tell you is I think its a brilliant idea.
Its a brilliant idea because its how we can help to sell Britain abroad. You only need to encourage a small amount of trade in order to pay for yacht like this over and over again.
He added: By taking the yacht essentially displaying Britain in countries around the world, in harbours around the world from New York to Singapore, you can sell what is great about this country and great to invest in.
Weve got so much to sell. The middle part of the 21st century is a fantastic time for the 21st century if we get this right and I think that making the investment to be able to go and sell Britain around the world is money well spent and I think it will repay itself over and over and over again.
Although its not my area, you can tell Im an enthusiast for this and I think its long overdue and Im absolutely thrilled that were making progress on delivering it because I think it will be great value for money in the narrow sense, but its also very, very important that we sell Britain around the world.
Speaking last month, Mr Johnson suggested the new ship would help the UK seize post-Brexit trading opportunities and reflect the UKs burgeoning status as a great, independent maritime trading nation.
He added: Every aspect from its build to the businesses it showcases onboard will represent and promote the best of British a clear and powerful symbol of our commitment to be an active player on the world stage.
It is thought British businesses will be able to promote their products on the ship, which will sail all over the world, hosting trade shows and high-level negotiations alongside promoting British interests.