Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Wednesday, April 28, 2021

We still have two full days to go. After a press conference that came off as both venting with a hint of frustration, Im fascinated to see if itll continue to be Mac Jones at No. 3 overall. Plus, whats next with Jimmy?
Bucky Brooks 2021 NFL mock draft 3.0: 49ers pick Trey Lance; Najee Harris to Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers
Trey Lance
North Dakota State · QB
The North Dakota State product gives Kyle Shanahan a raw but talented dual-threat playmaker who has tremendous upside.
Pick 15 New England Patriots
Justin Fields
Ohio State · QB
Perhaps Bill Belichick changes his ways and selects a quarterback in the first round. Fields is a five-star talent who offers big-play potential in both the run and pass games.
Rich Eisen tried to get Trey Lance to leak info about the 49ers draft interest
How are your Zooms with the 49ers, Trey? Eisen came out and asked the quarterback during The Rich Eisen Show.
I actually … um, Lance said before pausing, as if he were carefully choosing his next words.
Theyve been going well, he continued. I havent had any more with them than Ive had with any other team. But definitely looking forward to [the draft], like said, finding out where Im going to be. I wish I knew, just as much as you do. Probably more. But I really dont know where Im going to end up at. So, hopefully, Thursday, well find out.
Just a couple of phone calls, really, has been the most, Lance responded. I dont even know if Ive had a Zoom with them in the last four weeks, honestly. Maybe one Zoom with them. But other than that, its just been phone calls, and not like its an everyday thing or anything like that. Just their regular housekeeping, making sure theyve got my contact info, things like that.
49ers press conference takes a morbid turn plus surprise 2021 NFL Draft picks that could shake up Round 1

  • 1. Jaguars: QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)
  • 2. Jets: QB Justin Fields (Ohio State)
  • 3. 49ers: QB Zach Wilson (BYU)

I cant guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday, so I cant guarantee who will be on our roster on Sunday, Shanahan said.
Um OK. Im not sure thats the answer I would have gone with, but to each their own. Also, I have to say, this would be like my wife asking me to plan a date for this weekend and I respond by saying, I cant guarantee were even going to be alive this weekend, so theres no point to planning a date. Its not going to go over well and I dont think Jimmy is going to be too thrilled when he hears Shannys comments.
3 best trade destinations for 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo
Well for one, the Saints will have to give up even more pieces just to make the money work. Some key defensive and offensive pieces will go, as will either one of their incumbent signal callers.
But heres the kicker: New Orleans is still a Sean Payton-led team, and it still has a pair of stellar backs in Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray. They might not have a defense if this trade goes through, but theyll definitely be in games with these offensive pieces led by someone of Garoppolos caliber, who is at least a two-tier upgrade over either Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston.
Why 49ers (and Jets) Fans Should Be Thrilled and Terrified About Thursdays Draft
Now, the bad (or at least the part that should worry a sizable portion of the Jets or 49ers fan base): If the pick, like most experts believe, is Jones, and if Jones was picked specifically because of the things he does that do not involve his legs (accuracy, pocket presence, recall, progressing through reads), then why wasnt he at all involved in the conversation at No. 2? And to which team does this represent a massive shortcoming?