Anyone 12 to 17-years-old who pre-registered for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment will start getting invitations to book Friday, along with instructions to book with eligible family members

It’s the day teenagers and family members have been waiting for.
Starting Friday morning, anyone in Waterloo Region who is between 12 and 17-years-old that pre-registered for a COVID-19 vaccine will start getting notifications to book an appointment.
Keep in mind with Health Canada regulations around the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, if you were born in 2009 but aren’t 12-years-old yet, you have to wait until at least your birthday to get the shot.
The youth will get these notifications, and it will come with instructions for family members 12 and up who live in the same household, to book an appointment at the same time.
The region said all eligible students will have the opportunity to get a first dose before the end of June.
They, and family members, will be able to book at the following locations:

  • Cambridge Pinebush Vaccination Clinic, Smart Centres, 66 Pinebush Road, Cambridge
  • The Boardwalk Vaccination Clinic, 435 The Boardwalk, Medical Centre 2, Suite 106, Waterloo
  • Health Sciences Campus Vaccination Clinic, 10 Victoria Street South, Kitchener
  • New Vision Family Health Team Vaccination Clinic, 421 Greenbrook Drive, Kitchener
  • Wellesley Vaccination Clinic, 3710 Nafziger Drive, Unit A, Wellesley

In addition, those 12 to 17-years-old will be able to get a second dose at a shortened interval, meaning second dose appointments will occur during the summer break, so teens can return to school in September fully vaccinated.
If you’re a family member, but not within that age group, you will have to wait the usual four-month interval to get the second dose.