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The defending force, or rising force in a conflict always has a lot more loss-tolerance than an invading force, or established force. Long-term the defending force will always win.
This is why America will never win any of its imperial, foreign neo-colonial wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Chile, Cuba is not home to Ohio white boys. Think about how much America cries when any one of its soldiers is killed in combat. The world is forced to stop, highways close for the procession and all the crocodiles in Florida make a killing selling their tears. Conversely, when a poor farmer boy in Afghanistan is killed it simply sucks, next man up.
This was the same in Nazi Germany. After the fash took control they made sure the public took notice and deified the police & troops. Boot worship is a hallmark of any country you do not want to live in. A big to-do was made whenever some SS scum got what he deserved. Meanwhile the sun kept on burning, world kept on turning when Jews, Gypsies, gays or socialists lost one of their own. Next man up.