Regular health checks and screenings are important for identifying and treating health problems early on.

By Lifestyle Reporter55m ago
Now that we have a slight lull before the expected next wave of Covid-19 infections, its time to get these health checks done.
Most of us missed some of our regular health checks and screenings during the pandemic, as non-essential doctor or hospital visits were not recommended, or we were afraid of going into these public spaces.
However, with the Covid-19 infection rates relatively low currently, and the possibility of a third wave in the coming month/s, its a good time to consider getting up to date on your health checks.
Regular health checks and screenings are important for identifying and treating health problems early on.
1Life has given us a list of important health checks to catch up on. Speak to your doctor or health care worker about any other check-ups you should have, given your medical history and pre-existing conditions.
Normalise cancer tests
The earlier cancer is detected, the better the prognosis for recovery, and the shorter and less invasive the treatment. So, if youre due, or overdue, for any of these screenings, schedule an appointment now:
Males over 50

  • Prostate: a digital rectal exam to check the prostate gland.
  • Colorectal (colonoscopy): To check for lumps or polyps in the colon or rectum.

Females over 40

  • Breast (mammogram): to check for breast tissue anomalies, growths, and cancer.
  • Cervix (pap smear): to screen for cervical cancer.

Visit your dentist
A regular dental exam is essential to identify and treat plaque, tartar, cavities, and tooth decay. The longer you leave them, the worse these problems get.
Regularly check any co-morbidities
Certain medical conditions, called co-morbidities, increase your risk of serious Covid-19 complications, so its very important to monitor and manage those conditions.
Diabetes is one such co-morbidity. The complications for patients with diabetes who test positive for Covid-19 can be extremely serious, says Dr Daksha Jivan, a physician and endocrinologist at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, so its important to manage your sugar levels and take your medication as prescribed.
High blood pressure is another condition that increases the risk of complications. If you suffer from high blood pressure, continue to monitor it, and follow the treatment plan your doctor has prescribed for you, including lifestyle changes and medication.
You can find a more detailed list of health checks and what they entail here.
Lets talk vaccines
If you skipped the kids vaccinations because of Covid-19 lockdown, squeeze them in now. Vaccines protect kids from many serious diseases, including measles, polio, and meningitis, which are much more dangerous to children than Covid-19.
The World Health Organisation has recommended that high-risk populations should be vaccinated against flu. These include pregnant women, people with HIV and other causes of immune suppression, people with chronic lung, neurological or cardiac disease, metabolic diseases such as diabetes and morbid obesity, the elderly (65 and older) and health-care workers.
The flu vaccine wont protect you against Covid-19, but it may help you avoid a trip to the doctor and, in general, reduce the pressure on the healthcare system.
Your well-being is crucial
Health risks dont go away just because there is a pandemic, and if regular health checks are put on hold, some risks might quietly increase. So put your mind at rest and make an appointment with your doctor and dentist while the Covid-19 infection rates are low.