Police release images of the aftermath of a crash on the Stuart Highway in SA’s far north, in which a car rolled as it attempted to overtake another vehicle also towing a caravan.

Police say an elderly driver and passenger are lucky to be alive after their car rolled as it towed a caravan, leaving debris strewn next to a highway in outback South Australia.

  • The Isuzu SUV was overtaking another vehicle towing a caravan
  • The driver lost control on the Stuart Highway and the SUV rolled
  • The caravan was reduced to a wreck and the side of the road was strewn with debris

SA Police has released images of the aftermath of the crash, which happened last month on the Stuart Highway, with the aim of warning other drivers about the perils of overtaking while towing a trailer.
Police said the driver lost control while attempting to overtake another vehicle which was also towing a caravan. 
The Isuzu SUV then rolled, destroying the caravan, about 40 kilometres north of Coober Pedy on June 26.
“This incident had the potential to cause death or serious injury,” police said.
“Thankfully there were no serious injuries to the two elderly occupants.”
The driver was attempting to overtake another vehicle, also towing a caravan.(SA Police
Police said the other vehicle was “untouched”.
They have warned drivers and holidaymakers to ensure items were stored securely.
“Double check the condition of your car and caravan including (but not limited to) couplings, chains, brakes and tyres before and during your trip,” police said.
“Accelerate, brake and steer smoothly and gently to avoid swaying [and] slow down when larger vehicles pass in either direction to avoid swaying caused by wind buffering.
“Allow for extra time when overtaking  and for the extra size of the caravan. Make sure there is no oncoming traffic when overtaking.”