COVID-19 | Selangor still records the most number of new cases, but Sarawak is a close second.

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry reported 1,213 new Covid-19 cases today and three deaths.
Non-citizens accounted for 28.5 percent of new cases. Selangor with 353 new cases is the state with the highest number of new cases, followed closely by 303 cases in Sarawak.
The cases in Sarawak today are partly spurred by the newly detected Semuja Immigration Depot cluster in the Serian district, in which 99 people have been infected so far.

  • Active cases: 14,782
  • Patients in ICUs: 155
  • Intubated: 54

The three deaths were each recorded in Sarawak, Sabah, and Kelantan. All of them are Malaysian citizens.
Except for the death involving a 59-year-old female in Sarawak, the deceased persons have co-morbidities.
The national death toll now stands at 1,223 people.
Details of the victims are on Malaysiakini’s Covid-19 tracker page.
The Health Ministry is tracking 428 active clusters today, including nine newly identified clusters.
Of the nine new clusters, one involved the Semuja Immigration Detention Depot in Serian, Sarawak. Three are community clusters, while the remaining five are workplace clusters.
The Semuja Immigration Depot cluster is also the cluster with the most number of new cases today (99), followed by the Jalan Wawasan Sembilan cluster in Johor (47), and the Jalan Harapan Prison cluster (32) involving several states.
Overall, 66 clusters have reported new cases today, while monitoring for 10 clusters have ceased after no new cases were found for 28 consecutive days.
Details of the new clusters are as follows:
Tapak Bina Persiaran Setia clusterDistrict(s): Petaling, SelangorLocality/Source: Construction site at Persiaran Setia Alam, Shah AlamCluster category: WorkplaceFirst case: March 17, targeted screeningTotal infected: 18 out of 100 screened
Tapak Bina Persiaran Sunsuria clusterDistrict(s): Sepang, SelangorLocality/Source: Construction site at Persiaran Sunsuria, SepangCluster category: WorkplaceFirst case: Feb 14, targeted screeningTotal infected: 11 out of 410 screened
Jalan Wawasan Sembilan clusterDistrict(s): Batu Pahat and Kluang, JohorLocality/Source: Factory at Jalan Wawasan 9, Kawasan Perindustrian Sri Gading, Batu PahatCluster category: WorkplaceFirst case: March 12, targeted screeningTotal infected: 50 out of 568 screened
Melamam clusterDistrict(s): Sipitang, SabahLocality/Source: Educational centre at Kampung Melamam, SipitangCluster category: WorkplaceFirst case: March 14, pre-admission screening at hospitalTotal infected: 14 out of 164 screened
Jalan Asuhan clusterDistrict(s): Kerian, PerakLocality/Source: Supermarket  near Jalan Asuhan, Parit Buntar, KerianCluster category: WorkplaceFirst case: March 16, index case with symptomsTotal infected: 12 out of 100 screened
Sungai Atap clusterDistrict(s): Meradong, SarawakLocality/Source: Sungai Atap, BintangorCluster category: CommunityFirst case: March 6, pre-employment screeningTotal infected: 19 out of 148 screened
Kampung Padang Tembak clusterDistrict(s): Keningau, SabahLocality/Source: Kampung Padang Tembak, KeningauCluster category: CommunityFirst case: March 8, screening prior to interstate travelTotal infected: 21 out of 216 screened
Bunga Tanjung Bendahara clusterDistrict(s): Kota Setar and Kuala Muda, KedahLocality/Source: Jalan Tanjung Bendahara, Alor SetarCluster category: CommunityFirst case: March 15, index case with symptomsTotal infected: 10 out of 46 screened
Depot Imigresen Semuja clusterDistrict(s): Serian, SarawakLocality/Source: Semuja Immigration Depot, SerianCluster category: Detention centreFirst case: March 18Total infected: 99 out of 584 screened