The Northern Territory orders travellers from Queensland hot spots to quarantine while NSW tells those who have been in Greater Brisbane since March 20 to follow lockdown rules. The states join Western Australia and Victoria in imposing restrictions on travel…

What’s up with Toowoomba being declared a hotspot in the NT? 
Admittedly, I’m a little confused about this one too.
As we saw earlier in the blog, Toowoomba has been included in the Northern Territory’s list of hotspots and anyone travelling to the top end from there will have to go into mandatory quarantine.
NT CHO Hugh Heggie implied we’d hear more about this soon, but didn’t really say much about it today. 
In Toowoomba, there is a very large hotel that can contain a very large amount of people, so QLD Health will be identifying people who have been in that hotel to make sure they weren’t contacts or close contacts,” Dr Heggie said.
That will be identified in coming hours and days, so its really about risk mitigation, at the moment.
You take a wide approach and then as we gather more information, both QLD health and ourselves, then you reduce your controls.”
If we get more on this, we’ll bring it to you here.