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CandyMail makes it easy to trigger and send multi-step email sequences in Node.js using a single JSON file. Built for bootstrappers, indie makers with special care.
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  1. Portable: Create, share and reuse email marketing strategies between different products
  2. Simple to use: Time to send, subject, body of the emails can all be set up in a single JSON file
  3. Free: No need to pay for monthly Mailchimp etc. payments for email automation plans
  • Build better onboarding by guiding the user through the app with paced training emails
  • Reduce churn by sending exciting community content every few days
  • Convert more customers to paid plans by offering discounts based on the user’s usage activity

Install candymail using yarn:
Or npm:
npminstall –save-dev candymail
Create a candymail.automation.json file on the root level of your project.
Here’s a sample:
{“automations”:[{“name”:”automation1″,”description”:”tell users about pro features”,”trigger_name”:”proplan”,”emails”:[{“trigger”:”time”,”sendDelay”:1,”subject”:”Have you tried Feature A?”,”body”:”Feature A will let you do ABC things. Check it out!”,”from”:””},{“trigger”:”time”,”sendDelay”:3,”subject”:”Try our feature B!”,”body”:”We released feature B just last week and can’t wait for you to try it out :)”,”from”:””}]}]}
const path =require(‘path’)const candymail =require(‘candymail’)const automationPath = path.resolve(‘candymail.automation.json’)candymail.init(automationPath,{ senderEmail:**GMAILEMAIL**, senderPassword:**GMAILPASSWORD**})candymail.start()const user =’’candymail.runAutomation(‘automation1’, user)console.log(‘Emails added to queue’, candymail.getAllScheduledMessages())
Note: Having problems with Gmail? Enable Allow less secure apps in Google Account settings here.

Property Required Description
Name of the trigger (Not usable)
Delay after which the email will be sent (in hours). From time 0, not from the last email
  1. Only the hour value will be used in the cron, minutes will be ignored. +1 hour at 11:58 is 12.
  2. Object keys: MM/DD/YYYY:HH. Hours are specified in 24-hour format.

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