The Razer Anzu is priced at $199.99 (about Rs 14,600) and will be available in two designs with multiple lens choices,

Razer has announced its new Anzu smart glasses, which is aimed at Amazon’s Echo Frames. Like most recent smart glasses, the new Razer Anzu works by integrating audio speakers directly into the frame of the glasses, near the temple area.
The Anzu glasses will cost $199.99 (about Rs 14,600) and will be available in two designs, one rectangular and another with round frames. Each of these designs will further be available in small and large sizes.
Razer will also be offering two sets of lenses in the package of the Anzu. These will include a regular pair of lenses and another pair that blocks 35 per cent blue light. Razer is also bundling a pair of sunglass lenses with 99 per cent UV protection.
Razer Anzu to feature TWS audio
A new true wireless design implemented in the Razer Anzu allows the left and right speaker unit to be completely separate from each other. According to the brand, this allows the frame to give users more comfort and flexibility.
However, this also means that you have to charge both ends of the glasses separately. There are charging pin connectors on each of the temple areas for this. There are 16mm drivers on each end and also support for touch-based tap gestures. These let you change tracks, answer calls and activate Google Assistant.
Speaking of gestures, the Razer Anzu also shuts down when you fold the glasses. Once you open the glasses, they will quickly pair to the last connected device.
Integration with Lensabi for prescription lenses
For the users that need prescription lenses, Razer has got that covered. The brand has partnered with Lensabi for a 15 per cent discount that is available to Anzu buyers. While this still means you will end up paying a decent sum, that is the only option for now if you want to add prescription lenses to the Razer Anzu.